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Address: Hundervegen 33, 2636 Øyer Show map

Address: Hundervegen 33, 2636 Øyer

Hafjell Hotel offers guests home-made, authentic and good food made with love and care. Besides the taste of delicious ingredients and perfect combination, it is also about bringing people together, providing a great atmosphere. We arrange for allergies, vegetarians and others with special needs.


Why not have a professional chef to your chalet and a waiter to serve food while you relax with your guests?

Price Chef: NOK 500,- per hour
Price waiter: NOK 500,- per hour
Menu 3 dishes

menu 1
Carpaccio of beef with parmesan, rocket and balsamic
Salmon fillet served on green asparagus, plum tomatoes, saffron sauce and potato cubes
Cheesecake with strawberries and exotic fruit puree

menu 2
Serrano ham with green asparagus and manchego
Roasted beef sirloin with root vegetables, grilled tomato, green pepper sauce and cream gratin potatoes
Chocolate tart with pear puree

menu 3
Bruchetta with smoked salmon tartar, sour cream and roe
Roasted deer fillet with root vegetables, mushroom stew, plum tomatoes, game sauce and boiled potatoes
Panna Cotta with raspberry compote and chocolate truffle

Tapas Buffet 1
Capresse (plum tomato, mozzarella and pesto)
Bruchetta (semi sun dried cherry tomato, garlic and parsley)
Serrano ham
Homemade Foccacia
Lamme Bowls with bravas sauce
Chicken Rolls with basalmico
Stuffed mushroom
Asparagus beans with garlic and lime
Patatas Bravas

buffet 2
Bruchetta (semi sun dried cherry tomato, garlic and parsley)
Capresse (plum tomato, mozzarella and pesto)
Olive tapinade
Jamón ibérico with eggs and potato slices
Serrano ham
Homemade Foccacia
Lamme Bowls with brava sauce
Chicken Rolls with basalmico
Stuffed mushroom
Scampi gratin in garlic butter
Asparagus beans with garlic and lime
Patatas Bravas
Chocolate chip flapjack

Gammon (potato salad)
Smoked salmon (scrambled eggs)
Warm smoked pepper salmon (mayonnaise)
Roast beef (remoulade) Mixed salad T
Tomato Salad Bread and butter
Sour cream

Hot food
BBQ marinated chicken clubs
Moose patties with onion sauce
Boiled potatoes
Roasted potato wedges
Dessert Fruit salad Flan Caramel Sauce

Extra for buffet (price per person) Cold
Serrano ham 39.00
Turkey 25.00
Pink roasted reindeer steak 49.00
Cured salmon 25.00
Smoked halibut 35.00
Whole trout cooked 25.00
Scampi salad 39.00
Shrimp salad 29.00
Crayfish tails salad 32.00
Pasta salad with ham 15.00
Pasta salad with chicken 19.00
Waldorf salad 12.00

Hot food
Pesto Roasted salmon 22.00
Cod with saffron sauce 32.00
Meatballs with gravy 35.00
Marinated pork with cream sauce 39.00
Veal steak with red wine sauce 45.00
Reindeer steak with wild sauce 59.00
Lamb Joint with cream sauce 45.00
Roasted sirloin with pepper sauce 59.00

Cloudberry mousse 21.00
Raspberry Mousse 19.00
Mango Mousse 19.00

Welcome Menu / lunch menu
House moose stew with mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots and cranberries, flatbread and butter 245, -

Lunch Plate with omelet, roast beef, ham, bread, butter, tomato, cucumber and sliced ​​fruit 195.00

Breakfast Catering
Breakfast buffet:
White cheese, goat cheese, cooked ham, salami, jam, tomato, cucumber, boiled eggs, fruit, milk, juice, crispbread and bread and butter

Additional for breakfast:
Roast 20.00
Gammon 20.00
Smoked salmon 20.00
Scrambled eggs 15.00
Herring 15.00
Chocolate Pudding 19.00
Chocolate mousse 19.00
Caramel mousse 19.00
Fresh fruits 20.00

All prices are per person and inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to change prices on special orders and price increases from our suppliers. The agreed price is the prices that are described in the order confirmation.

In addition, transport NOK 600,- per delivery

Business Customers: 10 days from completed catering or by appointment

Individuals: Pay by credit card / Visa upon delivery. We have cash machines with us!
All food served on porcelain, silver plate, steel containers, trays and thermo boxes mm.
When renting service, glassware and other equipment shall be returned to the correct number and amount as specified in the equipment list.

Buyer is responsible for replacing sells replacement cost of the equipment is not returned within 1 week after delivery or damaged by the back of delivery. Prices are per person and in Norwegian currency.

Must be booked no later than 7 days before arrival.

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