Company games in Hafjell

Address: Hundervegen 39, 2636 Øyer Date: Monday 5 nov 2018 - Sunday 14 Apr 2019 Show map

Address: Hundervegen 39, 2636 Øyer

Hafjell Event presents company games and here we split the group into teams that will compete in five different activities. Suitable for anyone who likes to compete in a fun and playful way in Hafjell.

This is the most popular activity for groups that want to do something exciting in Hafjell after a long day of meetings

Choose out four activities you wish to experience
• 4-wheeler
Precision driving with ATV on track, where you get points penalty if the touching cones, those with least points penalty and best time wins!
• Bungee walk
Here, the participants in the bungee. So it's about doing stretching the rubber band as far as they can and plant the flag on the ground.
• Gutter Ball
Participants will be given a plastic tube and must carry a ball from A to B without the latter dropped the exercise goes on time and must do this before time runs out.
• Arrow & bow
Here the teams will test how steady they are on hand. Everyone gets to shoot three times each. It's about making hitting a target and collect as many points per team.
• Bucketball
Here, the team collect balls of different score. Those who are out on the pitch is completely blind, the rest of the team manages those with shouts. Two and two players from each team.
• The floor
A landlord needs new flooring, this is something special pattern and must be in the correct order. Team with the best time wins.
• Snowshoe Relay
The teams equipped with snowshoes and there is a real relay, where it is simply the first in goal! (Only winter)
• Human Curling
The teams will be sending each other across the lap board and then try to latch onto opponents. (Only winter)
• Tower Building
Build the tower as high as possible of what you're dealt. It's just a tick ....
• Cuts Football
Two and two to play football against each other, but with a little twist. The players will be wearing a cream warehouses across the face so you can see through the small hole in the bottom. Each game round is in 2 min. The stadium can help and just hire the players on his team.
• Tilt Tray
This is real teamwork! Four people have to help each other and communicate closely to get the ball through the course.
• Exercises
In addition to the activities, the teams also solve simple tasks on the road through Lilleputthammer.

We take a break and enjoying ourselves around the fire on benches with reindeer skins. We also organize the awards ceremony. Request price.

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Date Time Location    
5 Nov
Monday 5 nov 2018 09:00 Lilleputthammer Family Park
6 Nov
Tuesday 6 nov 2018 09:00 Lilleputthammer Family Park
7 Nov
Wednesday 7 nov 2018 09:00 Lilleputthammer Family Park
8 Nov
Thursday 8 nov 2018 09:00 Lilleputthammer Family Park

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