White water rafting

Address: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal Date: Monday 15 may 2017 - Friday 29 Sep 2017 Show map

Address: Heidalsvegen 829, 2677 Nedre Heidal

Close to Sjoa flow a further two rivers, Ottaelva and Gudbrandsdalslågen, and both are ideal for families, schools and others looking for a more gentle white-water experience. Although very different from Sjoa, they still offer an abundance of adventure such as some of the best wave rafting available in Gudbrandsdalen

These wide and deep rivers feature calm pools as well as excellent rapids. The full width can be utilised, and the guide will either head straight for the waves or steer the raft through calmer waters. Participants will also have time for fun, games and swimming, and the trip ends at the base with a hot or cold drink and cake.

Daytrip Sjoa river in Norway
Definitely our most popular rafting adventure - suitable for all! First we get used to the water by paddling through a few calm sections with spectacular views over the beautiful Heidal valley, and then we are swept through narrow canyons and down rapids such as “the Golf Stream", “the Hay Stacks", “Bye Bye Baby", “the Faukstad Drop" and many more. We raft for about 15 km, and then end the trip with nice, hot lunch at our base.

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